Healthy Habits As We Transition Back to School

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Healthy Habits As We Transition Back to School

The end of summer is an exciting time – representing new beginnings and starting new routines. Not only are we going back to school, but we are also going back to after school: soccer tryouts, swim meets, piano practice, and a LOT more time travelling and commuting to these scheduled commitments.

With all these scheduled activities starting at the same time, stress can pile up quickly. 

Here are our top five tips for a healthy transition back to school:

  1. Routine. Going back to school might seem like a world of extra tasks, timelines and chaos compared to your summer schedule. To avoid getting overwhelmed – get organized! Making a daily, weekly and monthly routine will keep you looking ahead and staying on top of things. 
  1. Make time for family and friends. Everyone knows about the school/life balance rule where you can only pick 3 out of your long list of priorities. We believe you can have more if you’re scheduling them once per week. Whether it’s Sunday night dinners at Grandmas or plant-based pancakes with friends, have a weekly routine where no one has to worry about meeting new people, expectations, and you can surround yourself with those that support you. Whether it’s ordering in or treating yourself to a 5-course meal, you will be thankful for spending time with those you love.
  1. Take time to breathe. Breathing can help your body remember that our daily stresses such as traffic or spelling tests are not actually fight or flight situations, and our bodies are not in danger. Whether you do it at red lights, in the bathroom, or every time you step outside, deep cleansing breaths are a gift to your body.

Modern Tip: Invest in some aromatherapy – Find a scent that works for you and helps you connect your senses with the relaxed downtime. We highly recommend lavender essential oils from Aromaforce.

  1. Just say no. Extra commitments or social events are not worth sacrificing your happiness. If you need to prioritize the routine for the first few weeks and schedule extra downtime to walk the dog, sleep in, or take baths, go for it. Your friends will respect the boundary and maybe even be inspired to prioritize their own well-being. We are coming out of a global pandemic and a LOT of downtime and re-entering a busy schedule world. It is a priority to have as many breaks as you are able to schedule for your family.
  1. Eat Well. We cannot stress this enough. When you eat a large variety of healthy foods, your body will look and feel its best, and you will have the energy you need to excel at back to school, back to sports, and back to routine.

The great thing about routines is, it starts to feel normal incredibly quickly, and in a few weeks from now, the school schedule will be your everyday routine. You’ve got this