Getting Back Into Your Regular Workout Routine

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Getting Back Into Your Regular Workout Routine

Restrictions lifting = gyms opening and workout classes starting back up! 

Remember group fitness? After all the social distancing, isolating, and quarantining we did this year, sweating together with strangers seems like a distant memory and kind of a bizarre concept. Group fitness is, however, one of the best ways to work out as you motivate and push the people surrounding you, all while sharing a common goal. Remember the euphoric high of the class after a challenging set of burpees, the buzz as everyone comes out of savasana, or the energy you got high fiving the stranger on the spin bike next to you? Those classes felt good for a reason, and as restrictions lift, many group fitness classes will open their doors and invite us back to sweat with strangers once again.

These local businesses need our support after a tough year of severely reduced revenue. Getting back into your old fitness routines might feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but the payoff will be worth it both mentally and physically. As much as we tried with screens and zoom calls, nothing can replicate the energy of working out together, in person.   

Tips to help you get back into your regular workout routine and re-discover the joy of group fitness! 

  1. Make a date of it – Turn a class into a date with a friend or family member you want to spend time with. This will hold you accountable for each other making sure you both follow through and attend, as well as making the class more enjoyable overall.
  2. Pay in advance –  There is no motivator like money. Sign up, pay for a class, and get it into your calendar early so you can make it a priority. 
  3. Try something new –  As this back-to-class feeling is new and feels like the first day of school for everyone, it is a great time to experiment and try out different times, sports, instructors and locations to see what you love. Vancouver is filled with diverse workout facilities and opprotunities but our favourite local gyms and classes include Studeo, F45, and Orangetheory.
  4. Extra energy boost – Don’t be afraid to give yourself that extra boost! Everyone has those days where they’re feeling tired, we look for preworkout or caffeinated drinks to help us push through.
  5. Reward yourself – Treat yourself after class to your favourite treat from a local bakery or fresh prep juice from Modern Wellness Bar. 

Holding yourself accountable is the first and hardest step which gets easier, as it slowly transitions to routine, and eventually becomes a part of your weekly or daily schedule.    

Even if going to a workout class wasn’t incorporated into your previous routine but has been a goal of yours, there is no better time to start than now. Whether your excuses were because it was an unfamiliar environment, it was hard finding the time or simply because you didn’t know where to start, you have a helpful advantage as it’s now uncommon for everyone, creating a comforting atmosphere for all.