Tips and tricks to ensure you keep your skin & body healthy & happy in warm weather

June 2021 set all sorts of records for warm temperatures across the Pacific NorthWest and with this month slipping away, only means July and more warm weather is right around the corner. Keeping your body hydrated and taking extra care of your skin is especially necessary with the rising temperatures. Although it should come as no surprise that water and sunscreen are summer essentials, you may find yourself with a sunburn or headache after a day at the beach or bike ride around the Seawall. In hopes to prevent dehydration and sunburns from affecting the many beach days, or outdoor workouts ahead, learning why this happens and finding suitable solutions will lead to perfect summer days to come.

The details on dehydration in the body and electrolytes…

Whether you seek a glowing profile photo or just general good health, hydration makes all the difference. Dehydration occurs when your body loses more fluid than it takes in. This can be attributed to a number of fun summer activities: exercise, consuming a little too much alcohol, or just sweating more during your seawall run or spin class. This can also disrupt the balance of minerals in your body leading to headaches, dry skin, and dizziness to name a few. The best way to combat dehydration is to re-hydrate and take in more electrolytes. You may see beverages such as Gatorade and Powerade promoting the benefits of electrolytes and encouraging their product for effective hydration. However, those products are high in sugar and unnatural dyes, which are ultimately seen as harmful to our bodies. If you’re looking for a quick, efficient and effective solution, organic and low sugar drinks packed with nutrients are the way to go. No one likes to suffer the effects of dehydration, and at Modern Wellness Bar, we offer multiple nutritional, electrolyte-based options so you can enjoy your sunny beach day while staying hydrated. 

UV Rays and finding the perfect sunscreen to combat it…

The sun’s harmful UV rays can be highly damaging to your skin and hair if not adequately catered to. Sunscreen will always be your best friend when the UV ray index is anything three or higher; however, the difference between which types of sunscreen are most effective and overall more beneficial for your skin are often overlooked. With thousands of sunscreen brands to choose from, you may be curious about your selection’s pros, cons, and overall differences. When selecting a sunscreen which best fits your needs, some key factors to consider and look for include a high SPF, no or low fragrance, and free of harmful chemicals. Sunscreen should really be worn every day no matter the temperatures or season; however, it becomes more crucial than ever during the warmer months. When deciding on the perfect sunscreen for your everyday activities, the one natural ingredient suggested to look for should be zinc oxide, as it’s the safest and most natural physical blocking agent available. Brands utilizing this ingredient guarantees safety as zinc oxide is reliable, natural and hydrates your skin while protecting it. When using a product every day and all over your body, it’s reassuring knowing you’re using the best and knowing what to look for will help you differentiate the good from the best.  

Seek Shade! 

As much fun as it is to be outdoors in the summer, a few indoor activities will give you a chance to replenish before and after your time outside… what better way to enjoy the indoors than shopping! Come visit us at Modern Wellness Bar and pick up all you need to enjoy your summer day, while keeping your body hydrated & skin healthy. Before you head out for your sunny beach day, a bike ride with friends, or wherever this summer day takes you, stop in at either store locations to check out our go-to products when temperatures rise. Our wide selection of electrolytes will keep your body hydrated, and our multiple, all-natural sunscreen options will protect you from the summer heat in hopes to enable you a hydrated and healthy summer.