Top 5 Foods For Your Detox

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Top 5 Foods For Your Detox

We’re a few weeks into the new year, and if you’re sticking to those new years resolutions, you might be adding healthy foods to your diet. To help you with your january detox from choices made during quarantine, we’ve researched the top detoxifying foods that you can add to your diet right now.

Check out the top foods for your January Detox


Ever hear “just drink lemon water?” There’s a reason for that, especially if you’re having digestion issues. According to Alive Magazine, Lemons are digestion aids because they cause saliva flow to increase and promote liver function. They are also alkalizing food which helps neutralize acidity and helps with digestion. We like to start our mornings with a hot cup of water with lemon. It helps with bowel movement but also gives you energy!

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Garlic is one of the most powerful detoxifying foods. According to a 2020 study, Foods that cleanses the liver, due to having sulfur compounds, garlic helps the liver flush out toxins. In addition, garlic helps fight against toxins, which is due to the makeup of Allicin and Selenium. Thank goodness, garlic is detoxifying because garlic is pretty much in every recipe! So, you’re most likely consuming detoxifying food without even trying.

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Who doesn’t love a matcha latte?! What if we told you matcha is also a powerful detoxifying powder? Best Health Magazine Canada explains that matcha contains EGCG, which helps the body shed excess pounds. Matcha also contains chlorophyll which is a liver cleanser. Craving a detox latte? We make delicious matcha lattes at both of our locations. Check it out:


This bright pink fruit is more than just a pretty breakfast. The same study, Foods that cleanses the liver explains that Grapefruit is packed with vitamin C and antioxidants which result in powerful detoxifying enzymes. In addition, Grapefruit is known to be a fat burner. This is because of a compound called naringenin. Enjoy a bowl of grapefruit for breakfast for optimal liver detoxification.

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Parsley is more than just a garnish for your pasta dish. According to Alive Magazine, Parsley is powerful due to its cleansing abilities on the bloodstream and promotion of healthy bowel movements. Parsley also helps to support the lungs, liver, and kidneys. Garnish away!

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