Wellness Series: Meet Jordan from Bruce’s Roots

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Wellness Series: Meet Jordan from Bruce’s Roots

Next up in our Wellness Series, we have Jordan from Bruce’s Roots! Jordan is a certified, registered holistic nutritionist specializing in plant-based diets and women’s wellness. She also runs the popular Instagram account, where she shares all her health tips, recipes, and mouthwatering food photos. Keep reading to learn more about Jordan from Bruce’s Roots!

Tell us about yourself!

Where does one begin! I grew up in Vancouver and moved to North Van almost 10 years ago because I love the mountains. I have a super athletic dog and I love hiking so we feel at home here. I’m passionate about health and wellness, movement as well as sustainability. I’m an outgoing aries that rarely says no to anything, but has noticed this pandemic has brought a newfound appreciation for rest and rejuvenation. I love sleep, sunshine, eucalyptus, candles, adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms, chamomile tea, dark chocolate and matcha, a lot. I also love house plants and herbs, but I successfully kill them all – yes, even mint. 

What inspired you to become a nutritionist?

After obtaining a BA in an unrelated field, I was working stressful long days for a solid decade. Health has always been something I was mindful of, but I think I really started digging deeper when I began experiencing negative symptoms from the lifestyle I was living. I began reading the books, watching the documentaries, advocating non toxic products and even working on the side at an integrative clinic. I realized this wasn’t just a passion, it’s my calling, I was meant to be of service to others. I enrolled to become a registered holistic nutritionist while working full time and opened my own company, Bruce’s Roots Wellness, the day after I wrote the exam. I’m honoured that my clients trust me to support and educate them. I’m also very excited about my new offering, Body Balance: The Hormone Reset. It’s a digital go at your own pace course for women to prevent imbalances and support any current unwanted symptoms.  

How long ago and why did you adopt a plant-based diet?

Almost a decade ago! I truly don’t feel the way I eat is restrictive and I have zero health concerns. I’m sure living a 99% plant-based life is a contributing factor to this. It all started when I worked at Lululemon in 2010 for a short stint over the holidays and Olympics. I borrowed a book called ‘Skinny Bitch’ from the library and started reading about the standard North American diet versus a plant-based diet. (please note, I strongly dislike the title of this book). I think as a society, we often focus on what we “can’t” have or what we would be excluding if we tried a new way of eating, but we can flip the script and there is an abundance of foods I eat daily. I’m eating delicious tasting food, reducing my risk of several illnesses, using significantly less resources on planet earth and also being kind to the animals. As an animal lover, it just doesn’t make sense for me to eat them when I can personally thrive off plants. I’m so happy companies, like yourselves, exist to make plant-based eating even more approachable and convenient. 

What is your favourite go-to vegan dish?

Buddha bowls for ease and tastiness, but when out, I love vegan pizza!

What is the biggest misconception of a vegan diet?

I should ask my instagram community this! I know a lot of people think it’s difficult to get enough protein, which is absolutely incorrect. All diets require thought and planning and this is no exception. If you eat majority whole foods and want to include some indulgent more processed foods, you’re more than likely over your daily protein requirement. It’s also a myth that you need to combine plant based food sources to make a complete protein (all 9 essential amino acids) at each meal. Updated research shows you our body is smart and stores these amino acids over several days so this is something I never think about. Some plants, such as quinoa, are inherently complete too! Another very popular misconception is soy is bad for you and this is so far from the truth.  Organic soy, especially fermented, is amazing for health and shouldn’t be avoided for fear it will mess with your hormonal balance. 

What came first, nutrition or cooking ?

I’ve always cooked, but I’m not amazing at it to be honest. My partner is actually the better cook out of the two of us! Nutrition is where I excel – 1:1 consulting, researching, educating and supporting others is my jam. I eat healthy nourishing food, but it’s often quick meals because the Aries in me is trying to fit too much into the day. 

What is your favourite smoothie combination?

My classic go-to is a non isolated protein powder, whichever greens I have on hand, frozen blueberries, flax seeds, 1 banana, true cinnamon and ginger. I also like to sub out the blueberries for a navel orange and it tastes like an orange julius! I focus on gut health and women’s hormones in my practice so I personally buy all organic produce for health.

What is your perfect sunday?

Sleeping until 8-830, having a slow morning with a soy milk matcha latte, homemade buckwheat waffles, a hike in the forest with my partner and the dogs, reading and herbal tea then a bath. This is usually my sunday, however, I didn’t include the whining doberman asking us to hurry up and take her out sooner. This will all be shifting in a few weeks with my first child on the way – going to take it day by day. 

What does wellness mean to you?

Living in a way that makes you feel good emotionally, physically, spiritually. Loving your body and taking care of it. It doesn’t need to be expensive and we often just need to get back to basics like eating plants, getting into nature and living more mindfully. I share wellness daily on my instagram account, @jordanbruceRHN, and it doesn’t need to be complicated. Sure, almond butter, quality dark chocolate and superfood powders are fun, but it’s all optional. 

What is your life mantra? 

I’ve never thought of this and it’s something I’m going to reflect on over the coming weeks. My intuitive response is to live life without concerns of others judging you, to live it full of passion, while having boundaries in place.  If we go through life overly worried about others then we aren’t living authentically or based on our own value system. I don’t think happiness can truly be achieved until you love yourself.  Everyone is worthy of loving themselves and embracing their uniqueness. 

Want to follow Jordan for tips? Check out her website Bruce’s Roots here!