Wellness Wednesday: Meet Sisley From The Pure Life

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Wellness Wednesday: Meet Sisley From The Pure Life

Welcome to the Wellness Wednesday series for our blog! We will be interviewing an expert and dive into all their health and wellness secrets! Our very first guest is Sisley from The Pure Life.

Sisley runs the popular Instagram account thepurelife_ and is the creator of the health and wellness website The Pure Life. We caught up with her to learn about how she started and talked all things health, wellness and chocolate! Check it out:

Tell us about yourself! 
My name is Sisley Killam and I’m a Registered Holistic Nutrition & Acne Coach. I help women to clear their acne and achieve the best skin of their lives. I am passionate about my acne clearing method and aim to use a balanced and realistic approach to my work. 

When I’m not helping women clear their acne, you can find me on a hike in Squamish, BC (where I live), playing board games with my fiancé, Ali, or cooking up a fun new recipe.

What does The Pure Life mean to you?
The Pure Life was initially created because I needed a space to come together with other women to feel connected in our holistic health journeys. I personally wanted to connect with other women who were just like me, going through health issues like acne, but looking to find holistic and natural alternatives to feeling amazing in our bodies.

The Pure Life has kept up that reputation over the past 9 years and it continues to be a place where women can gather to feel supported and inspired. The name “The Pure Life” came from my wanderlust early 20’s where I lived by the phrase “pura vida” which is commonly known as “the simple things in life” or “living a pure life” in Costa Rica, which is still a country high on my bucket list! My business embraces that meaning at the very core – always keeping things playful, down-to-earth and easy to implement. 

You specialize in nutrition for acne, how did that particular area first interest you?
Honestly, it came from a place of necessity! I have struggled with acne since the age of 12. Skin health is something I loved supporting clients with and it always seemed to be the most popular topic on The Pure Life blog and in my in-person Vancouver workshops. I decided to fully support clients struggling with acne earlier this year and haven’t looked back since – it has been incredibly rewarding and inspiring.

What inspired you to start your own blog/business
The lack of information online really drove me to start a community where I could connect with others and share my health journey. Holistic health was something I dove so passionately into 9 years ago and it truly changed my life forever. I started my Instagram account and Blog in 2013 and starting working 1:1 with clients in 2016 after I graduated from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I’ve always known I wanted to run my own business and so here we are 🙂

How do you practice self-care?
Every day, at all hours of the day. I love finding the balance between inner self-care and outer self-care. Before I learned how to take care of my self externally, I recognized the importance of mindset & relationship with the self. I don’t believe we can truly be our healthiest and most abundant selves until we work on both. Below are some examples of how I practice inner & outer self-care daily:

Inner self-care: Journalling, deep breathing, 8-9 hours sleep, checking in with my emotions and honouring where I’m at that day

Outer self-care: Daily exercise, daily walk (ideally in nature), using non-toxic beauty care products

When it comes to acne and skin health, both are equally important for the acne clearing journey, which is why my approach is unique in that I include an Acne Mindset Workbook in The Acne Protocol bundle (my ebook for clearing acne).

What is your favourite smoothie combo?
Oooo this is a difficult one to answer! I think I’ll share the smoothie combo that I made almost every day for a year when I first started eating healthy, haha! Here it is:

1/2 frozen banana
1/2 pear, core removed
1.5 cups unsweetened coconut milk
2 handful spinach
1 tsp almond butter
1 tsp chia seeds
Pinch of cinnamon

What is your favourite way to break a sweat?

I use the BBM (Booty by Mich) platform, a local Vancouver trainer who is the perfect motivator for anyone who has minimal time, equipment or space. Her workouts are mat-based but range from abs to pilates to cardio – they are incredible.

When I’m not working out at home, I love hiking with my fiancé and I’m hoping to learn how to rock climb and mountain bike this year!

With the pandemic, one thing I miss the most is hot yoga classes and spin class.

What is your life mantra?
I am exactly where I need to be 🙂

Chocolate for acne- yay or nay?!
This is such a tough one to answer! While some studies show that cocoa may trigger acne for some, I don’t think it’s a reason to remove it unless completely necessary. I personally recommend sticking to raw cacao to make your own hot chocolate drinks or buying a quality chocolate bar like Zazu bean, Zimt, or Giddy Yoyo. I personally don’t ask my clients to completely remove chocolate from their diet, because…chocolate… 😉

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